Jun 18, 2013

happy camper

I love camp ministry for multiple reasons....but the main reason is that, we get to see teenagers in their natural state....i mean think about it, by day 2 1/2 their walls have come down, their hair is a mess, they cant hide behind make-up, cell phones, designer clothing or any other material thing. They smell absolutely terrible, and they are living on top of each other in a crowded room or cabin. We see them at their highest highs and most times, some of them come face to face with raw emotion for the first time...I have been in camp ministry for a number of years now, whether it be the worship band or a camp counselor, and i will NEVER EVER get tired of seeing kids come to the end of themselves and FINALLY surrender to the undeniable love of Jesus and fall into His ever lasting arms for the first time....I get chocked up even typing this cause it kills me to think that some of these kids either cant grasp or wont acknowledge this love relationship that Father wants to have with them. some of them are kids I serve/mentor at church and i want them to WANT HIM. I realize camp doesnt change a heart, the camp pastors done save a life, the killer music doesnt redeem a soul.....It's Jesus. Only Jesus. But I am so very thankful for camp ministry and how i met Jesus there for the first time after my momma died. I was already at my wits end, but the Lord captured my heart with His extravagant love, and i am forever grateful.


Jun 11, 2013

His kinda love is reckless for us...

The Lords Love is reckless for us w/ a relentless pursuit of us...LOOK HOW FAR He went to show that!! A love demonstrated by death. and a debt satisfied by blood. I talked to a kid tonight who just couldnt grasp that. He just couldnt understand how a perfect and Holy God could love such disgraceful beings like us who slapped Him in the face, but could turn around and die for our sins. lol....the funny thing is, I dont understand it either. because i KNOW me and how vile i can be.....i guess thats the beauty of the gospel though...it saves wretches like me and because of grace and ONLY because of Grace, Christ says I'm worthy of a love that deep, wide and of that extent...but only because of Jesus' step towards calvary. Let us get it through our heads that our salvation has nothing to do with us. at all....


Jan 3, 2013

Nothing is wasted...

Nothing is wasted in this life...the struggles, tears, victories, defeats, joys, valleys and mountain tops are all a part of the process. Everything is used for our good, and HIS Glory. God is always painting beautiful masterpieces within any given circumstance and situation....but often times He HAS to use incredibly dark colors for the masterpiece to be complete.

As I sit here and write songs tonight, I am reminded of all the various life circumstances (The good and bad alike) that the Lord has allowed me to walk through, and i realized something...looking BACK at the struggle or looking BACK at the victory, it all plays a part in the here and NOW...The Lord uses all of lifes happenings to usher us closer and closer to Himself. its a part of the sanctification process. The old self is daily dying off (if we let it)...yes, sometimes our valleys seem to big or deep to bear and we dont always keep sight of the big picture....guess what, THATS OKAY, YOU'RE HUMAN!!! :) However, if you're reading this and you're a child of God, we know a few things to be true...1.) We know the Lord is always redeeming everything. nothing takes Him by surprise, or happens without passing through HIS hands first. 2.) We know He WINS in the end.

In this world we will have all sorts of trouble, but TAKE HEART...He has overcome this world already! Rejoice in tribulation and struggle. Have a freakin party in the valley (but only after you sob, pout, cry, and whine for a bit), because we know that our God is in complete control.

I love watching Bob Ross paint on tv! hahaha...He was such a character but a brilliant artist...but sometimes His paintings started out awkward and reeeeally bad...then slowly things started to take shape, but then he would throw some nasty off color in there and I'd be confused all over again!...then he would start forming this amazing mountain range in the distance, and i realize that greenish mossy color was the grass all along...and that black, gray and blue space represented the depths of the river at the base of the mountain..........paintings take time. We arent gonna see our final painting till glory...but trust Him when He says "He who began a good work in YOU, will be faithful to comlete it..."


Jul 5, 2012

But I can't SEE God...

“I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”” - Psalm 91:2

Isn’t it amazing all the people we entrust our lives to every week? We trust pharmacists to give us the right pills from a prescription we can’t read. We trust pilots we don’t know to fly us to the right destination, believing that they know how to fly that baby exactly where we need to go. As we sit in traffic on the interstate, we trust our lives to engineers and road construction crews, believing the bridges will hold.

Yet, people have trouble trusting God.

They often say, “I can’t see Him.” Do we see the engineers who designed the bridge? Do we know the pilots? Not usually. Yet God, our Creator who loves us more than anyone, who even sacrificed His Son for us to have forgiveness of sin and eternal life, we find Him difficult to trust.

It’s amazing. It doesn’t make sense to trust imperfect men and not to trust a perfect God.