Jun 18, 2013

happy camper

I love camp ministry for multiple reasons....but the main reason is that, we get to see teenagers in their natural state....i mean think about it, by day 2 1/2 their walls have come down, their hair is a mess, they cant hide behind make-up, cell phones, designer clothing or any other material thing. They smell absolutely terrible, and they are living on top of each other in a crowded room or cabin. We see them at their highest highs and most times, some of them come face to face with raw emotion for the first time...I have been in camp ministry for a number of years now, whether it be the worship band or a camp counselor, and i will NEVER EVER get tired of seeing kids come to the end of themselves and FINALLY surrender to the undeniable love of Jesus and fall into His ever lasting arms for the first time....I get chocked up even typing this cause it kills me to think that some of these kids either cant grasp or wont acknowledge this love relationship that Father wants to have with them. some of them are kids I serve/mentor at church and i want them to WANT HIM. I realize camp doesnt change a heart, the camp pastors done save a life, the killer music doesnt redeem a soul.....It's Jesus. Only Jesus. But I am so very thankful for camp ministry and how i met Jesus there for the first time after my momma died. I was already at my wits end, but the Lord captured my heart with His extravagant love, and i am forever grateful.